Dean rallies the public at a GMO Labeling rally at the State House in Boston

We have been intensely committed to advocacy as a tool for change since the beginning. We testify at committee hearings and lobby legislators, speak at and advise UN agencies, and rabble rouse at rallies and community gatherings at home and abroad.

We have written speeches for Presidents (Timor),  helped organize indigenous communities to fight destructive natural resource exploitation (Ecuador, Peru, USA, Canada), marched with farmers demanding justice and land reform (Guatemala, Nicaragua)  and even advised governments on legislation (Ethiopia, Brazil, Kenya).

We are big in the GMO Labeling movement in Massachusetts and nationally, as well as in advocating for paid sick leave, raising minimum wages, pregnant workers fair treatment, keeping integrity in national organic standards and fair trade, and other important social advances. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to keep up with our work. Chime in!