Working with ASOBAGRI women in Guatemala.

Huehuetenango, Guatemala

A mountainous country speckled with a dozen different indigenous peoples trying hard to hold onto their cultures in a globalizing era, Guatemala produces amazing coffees. There are actually eight identifies microclimatic regions around Guatemala and each will produce a slightly different flavor profile. Notable regions include Huehuetenango (acidic and winey), Chimaltenango (sweet, acidic, citrusy), Lake Atitlan (full-bodied and citrusy), and Antigua (rich aroma, sweet taste). The dominant characteristics of Guatemalan coffees are their smoky, bold taste, pleasant acidity, and hidden sweetness.


Our beans come from ASOBAGRI, a great coop that has worked for years to achieve consistent, specialty-grade coffee favored by many leading micro-roasters (of course, we were there long before those guys!!). Over the years, ASOBAGRI has instituted literacy courses, organic and sustainable farming trainings and many other initiatives made possible by Fair Trade and Direct premiums.

The volcanic slopes of Huehuetenango produce a small, dark green bean that delivers a smoky flavor, medium acidity with vanilla and chocolate undertones.

We have worked directly with farm communities in Guatemala for over two decades during times of danger and peace. Our innovative, award-winning programs include microcredit, women’s health and youth self-esteem.

Useful Expressions

'Utsa Quesh' - Hello! (in Tzutzuil)

'Es peligroso nadar en el lago?' - Is it dangerous to swim in the lake?

Our Guatemalan Coffees

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Guatemalan French Roast

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