Brewing Guide: Notes on Chemex

The legendary Chemex!

Every machine uses different ratios and timing to make the perfect cup. We have experimented with Chemex machines in order to provide the best brewing instructions.

You will need:

  • 42 grams ground coffee
  • 700 mL water
  • Timer
  • Coffee filter

Step 1:

Fold the filter toward the spout of the Chemex.

Step 2:

Start timer. Add 150 mL of water to allow coffee to bloom. Stir.

Step 3:

When timer reads 45 seconds, add water to the 450 mL mark.

Step 4:

At 1:45, add water to 700 mL.

Step 5:

When timer reads 3 minutes, swirl the coffee. At 4 minutes, pour and enjoy!