Our NoCO2 Peruvian blend is the world's first carbon neutral coffee!

We've calculated the entire carbon load from planting to drinking our NOCO2 Peruvian coffee, and neutralized it with hardwood plantings at Pangoa.

We are constantly working on ways to limit our impact on the resources of dear ol' Mother Earth. With NoCO2 coffee, we have launched a new coffee and concept to fight Global Warming one cup at a time, and to show our customers that we both contribute to the problem by simple acts every day and that we can also address the issue with simple acts.

We calculated the total carbon load generated by a pound of coffee, from growing, harvesting and processing, to shipping, roasting, shipping to you and brewing your coffee at home. This took a long time and required help from Trees for the Future, UPS, World Resources Institute and Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center (thanks to all!). Seventeen pounds of coffee generates about fifty pounds of CO2 into the atmosphere. We also found that one hardwood in the Tropics of Coffee sequesters about fifty pounds of CO2 annually. So we have devised a program to plant one tree in Pangoa Cooperative for every 17 pounds of NoCO2 Peruvian coffee consumed by you, our loyal customers. This is not a joke or a clever, meaningless marketing ploy. It's a real attempt to take our responsibility seriously, and help consumers take theirs seriously as well.