*Limited Edition* Sumatran Gayo Honey

Product image 1*Limited Edition* Sumatran Gayo Honey
Product image 2*Limited Edition* Sumatran Gayo Honey
Product image 3*Limited Edition* Sumatran Gayo Honey

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Cupping Notes: Black Tea, Cranberry, Full Bodied
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Whole Bean/Grind

[Roast Level] Light

[Region] Jagong Jaget, Takengon Highlands

[Grower] KGLA (Koperasi Gayo Lauser Antara)

[Altitude] 1,500-1,800m

[Varietal] Linie-s, Bourbon, S-228, Catimor

[Processing Method] Honey

We picked this coffee up on our trip to Sumatra last fall. While our friends at KGLA produce exceptionally clean traditional wet-hulled coffees, they also have been experimenting with washed and honey process methods. Alternative processing methods are pretty rare in Sumatra, which makes this coffee unique. 

Honey processing can produce a range of flavor intensity, depending on how much mucilage is left on the bean when it dries. This coffee is definitely on the fruitier side, closer to a natural than a washed coffee. So fans of Honey Honduran may find this coffee to be quite different. That's what we found interesting about it, it has a unique tart and fruity quality, while also retaining all of the full body that Sumatran coffees are famous for. 

You won't find this anywhere else!

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6 out of 10
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Customer Reviews

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Margaret Sladek
Unique coffee

I have never tasted a coffee like this. The beans smell like berries, and the flavor of berries comes through as well. I typically like medium roasts with more chocolatey notes, but I am happy to have tried this very different coffee. Worth a try if you like changing things up sometimes!

Best coffee I’ve ever had!

I’m obsessed with this coffee. I’ve been drinking Dean’s Beans coffee for almost 25 years— that’s since I was in high school, because my dad ordered it by mail. I’m a loyal DB customer and believe in this company’s mission. However, as my taste has matured I’ll admit to being lured away from DB by light roasts from other local roasters, especially Esselon’s Ethiopian light roast, which is incredibly good. But this is so much better. Dean’s medium roasts are a reliable cup, but this is the elevated light roast that I’ve been longing for.

(Sounds like the previous 1-star reviewer just doesn’t like light roasts— but if you do, reader, I think you will adore this coffee!)

Sounds great - tastes otherwise

Bought a bag of whole bean Sumatran Gayo Honey that was roasted 05-21-24. I tried making it both hot brew and cold brew. Both ways it curdled the cream I put in the coffee and my stomach. Without a doubt, the worst coffee I have ever tasted. So unlike the many other Deans Beans coffees that I love.

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