*Limited Edition* Honey Sumatran

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Plum. Heavy. Molasses.

[Roast Level] Medium

[Region] Takengon, Aceh Tengah, Sumatra

[Grower] KGLA (Koperasi Gayo Lauser Antara)

[Altitude] 1,460-1,600m

[Varietal] Linie-s, Bourbon, S-228, Catimor

[Processing Method] Honey


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We've partnered with a new cooperative in Sumatra to bring you all some super rare limited editions. Normally all coffee in Sumatra is processed using their own unique "Wet Hulled" method. After pulping and fermentation, the beans are only partially dried in parchment, before being hulled and left to dry in the sun, very quickly. This imparts the trademark dark blue green color on the green beans, and gives Sumatran coffee it's characteristic earthy, herbal, full bodied taste.

Not all people like this flavor profile however, and lately, coffee farmers in Sumatra (typically younger people) have begun experimenting with different processing methods to find the full potential of their coffee. It has only been in the past couple years that alternative process Sumatrans have been exported, and we're happy to say we've found some good ones to share with you. We're offering both at once (coming soon!) so you can choose which better suits your personal tastes, or contrast and compare.

The Honey process to me tastes like Sumatran at it's finest. It has a heavy, full body like traditional Wet Hulled coffee, but it doesn't taste musty or earthy. It also doesn't have many of the herbal, sometimes woody notes of Wet Hulled Sumatran. Instead, a nice lively, plum-like, medium level acidity shines through, with a somewhat unprocessed sweetness, like Molasses. It has layers of complexity, and is quite an interesting cup.

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