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In Ukraine, Coffee Is Community

During my work at the Polish/Ukrainian border and beyond, I came to learn that cafes and coffee roasters in Ukraine have become focal points for community gatherings, meal preparation and solidarity in the middle of a hot war zone. From roasters wearing bulletproof vests, to the unexploded bomb jammed into the floor of a café, the stories and scenes from Ukraine’s coffee community are simply astounding. They are doing a superhuman job of being there in service to the people in their communities.

In response, we have created a project to support these good folks. We are buying green coffee in the warehouses in the west of the country and distributing the beans for free to the embattled roasters who can’t otherwise pay (customers have little money and the roasters have donated much of their coffee to emergency teams, soldiers and locals who simply need a hot cup). We are also funding the rebuilding of cafes and roasteries that have been destroyed or heavily damaged, and will be reaching out to US roasters and cafes who want to help their Ukrainian counterparts to serve their communities.

You can support the Ukrainian coffee community by purchasing one of our new Make Coffee Not War bumper stickers (redesigned in the colors of their flag!). One hundred percent of the proceeds will go directly into the hands of Ukrainian roasters and cafes, and their coffee will go back into the hands of the people. Every little bit helps, right?

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