*LIMITED EDITION* Congo Umoja Green Coffee (Unroasted)

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Cupping Notes: Apricot. Lemonade. Dark chocolate.

[Roast Level] Light

[Origin] Democratic Reupblic of Congo

[Region] South Kivu

[Growers] An 11,600 member cooperative of small farmers

[Altitude] 1480m-2000m

[Process] Fully washed


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A rising star in the world of African coffees, in an area struggling with much adversity, The Democratic Republic of Congo has been producing some exceptional coffees for the past few years despite these challenges, with their specialty beans being hailed as the "future of coffee". We are proud and excited to bring to you our FIRST offering from the Congo. 

Umoja (which means “solidarity”) comes from a cooperative of 11,600 members in the South Kivu region. The coffee is of the classic Bourbon varietal, and grown all the way up to 2,000 meters, overlooking Lake Kivu. This coffee has a pronounced sweetness and citric notes, and finds flavors of lemonade, apricot and dark chocolate. The coffee is complex, yet approachable, with a cupping score of 87 plus! In order to preserve the flavor and characteristic's of the bean we are offering this coffee in a light roast. Umoja comes to us via Mighty Peace Coffee, a socially conscious importer/exporter who works exclusively with Congolese farmers to bring their coffees to the world. 

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