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Friends don't let Friends Use Keurigs (unless they have one of our independent filters!). Liberate yourself from the three billion non-recyclable, non-compostable Keurig cups that those guys trash the planet with annually. With this reusable filter, you can use ANY coffee you want (hopefully ours!). You will save lots of money and push off plastic Armageddon for a few more years!

This new version of the Ekobrew works in both the Keurig 1.0 AND 2.0 Single Cup Brewers.

Here's the full scoop:

  • Pre-infusion Cone allows water to gently soak the coffee before full extraction
  • Heat Resistant Grips mean a safer and easier removal after brewing
  • Dual Entry Points mean no removal of the filter holster
  • Deep Brew Chamber means more water and a more complete coffee extraction
  • Flat Bottom Design means easier, hands free filling and less waste
  • Smooth Interior Ekobrew's smooth, rounded crevices mean quicker and easier cleaning after use
  • High Quality Mesh allows for an optimal and consistent flow of coffee with each brew
  • Silicone Seal Ekobrew uses a superior heat resistant O-ring seal made of silicone instead of rubber.

Ekobrew is not compatible with the B30, B130, B150, B155, Mr Coffee BVMC-KG5, or Vue.

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