the hand depulping machines help farmers in papua new guinea save money and ensure you get the highest quality beans possible

With few roads from the interior to the processing plants and shipping on the coast, coffee farmers in the highlands have to rely on lots of middlemen to get their coffee out, which means hardly any money for the farmers. In the Central Highlands there are fourteen airstrips where the farmers bring their coffee, wait for the missionary airplanes to arrive, offload their preachers and bibles, and take the coffee down to the processors -- at a fee equal to most of the profit of the farmers. When there is a thick cloud cover the planes don't fly, and the coffee can rot while the farmers wait. We came up with a simple solution: inexpensive hand depulping machines at each airstrip, that allow the farmers to begin processing the coffee and slowing the fermentation rate (leading to better quality) as well as dropping 85% of the weight of the beans (lower transportation costs). The result is higher-quality beans with less overhead, meaning the farmer keeps more of the profit.

Cooperative Partner

Tribal Aromas

Time Period

2009 - ongoing

Current Status

  • 14 hand depulping machines provided
  • Getting information out of the highlands is difficult at best, but as far as we know, all machines are still functioning