INDIA - Girls Education Support


  • Wangana Coop
  • Barakat International

Time Period

2015 - ongoing

Money Committed by Dean's Beans



UGANDA - Establishing a New Relationship with OKORO Coop

Time Period

2015 - ongoing

Current Status

  • Preharvest financing with Root Capital


HONDURAS - Indigenous Rights


  • Marcala Coop
  • Cultural Survival

Time Period


Money Committed by Dean's Beans



MADAGASCAR - Reforestation


  • Tsaranoro FCU
  • Republic of Change

Time Period


Money Committed by Dean's Beans



COSTA RICA - Scholarships and Solar

Solar Coffee Drying:

  • 1989
  • Provided funds for the first solar drying to alleviate pressure on wood use as fuel

Hijos del Campo:

  • 2005
  • Farmer-run scholarship program for high school and college aged individuals


BRAZIL - Fair Trade and The Environment

First Fair Trade

  • 1985
  • First to establish Organic Fair Trade coffee in Brazil

Environmental Education

  • 1988
  • Teaching courses on environmental conflict resolution


KENYA - Struggling Toward Sustainability

We have been working toward fair trade and sustainable farming in a country deeply effected by election violence, market disruptions, and continuing drought conditions. Farmers are learning how to protect themselves from the exploitation of big businesses, and how to enrich their soil through methods such as intercropping and natural pesticides. 

  • Established an organic demonstration plot so farmers could so real results of going organic
  • Designed an Internal Control System with local coop to help it become the first Kenyan coop with organic certification

Workshops are teaching Kenyan coffee farmers how to build organic capacity


RWANDA - Solutions to Gender Violence

In 2010, we organized and co-facilitated a powerful workshop for men and women members of COOPAC, our farming partner in Rwanda. Although the reconciliation process is painful and fragile, thirty men and women bravely came forward to name the gender violence in their lives, and commit in a moving public ceremony to overcome it. The workshop was so successful, that the UN Development Program has further extended the work to other Rwandan coops, using our participants to co-facilitate the work. Yet, no matter how powerful the reconciliation, societies without economic hope can fall back into despair and violence. Working with the women genocide survivors of COOPAC, we designed and funded a program to upgrade traditional weaving skills to create new products and new markets.

  • Training to prevent male violence was so successful that the UN funded some of the attendees to share their work with other cooperatives in Rwanda
  • Weaving project with female genocide survivors at COOPAC cooperative made Dean's Beans coffee-sized canisters 
  • Learn more in our blog post!

The public ceremony helped men and women in rwanda come forward about gender violence, and work toward overcoming it.



Somali Women Grocery Tote

After a radio interview with Somali refugee women who had resettled in Springfield, Massachusetts, we contacted the women and met with them to learn more about their situatioin and try to figure out a way we could help, just like we do with the coffee farmers in each of the countries we work in. The women had formed a support group, Walaalo Sisters, and they said their greatest need was an economic base, in the form of a sewing collective. Dean's Beans supplied Walaalo with four high quality sewing machines, a designer, and some of our jute and burlap bags used for coffee shipments, in order to design reusable grocerty totes. After a lot of experimentation and practice, the women created beautiful grocery totes, lined with muslin fabric.  They are strong, hold the right amount of groceries, are reusable and made from recycled coffee bags. And 100% of the proceeds go to the women so that they can support their families. 

Time Period



  • First successful economic development program in the community in 20 years
  • Read all about it in our blog post!

somali refugees succeed with dean's beans!


Amherst to Africa

Worked with Coffee Kids: ADESPA - Association for Sustainable Development of Paraxaj to raise money. The goal of the fundraiser was to raise $20,000.

Time Period

April, 2011


Coffee Kids

Co-founded Coffee Kids, a program which supports the next generation of coffee farmers. 

Time Period