most of the villages in papua new guinea are very isolated and do not have electricity

The highlands of Papua New Guinea are beautiful mountainous regions that yield some of the best coffee in the world. Our cooperative partner Tribal Aromas relies on farmers from indigenous tribes nestled high along the coast, where few roads, processing plants, or shipping facilities can operate. While we have assisted in preserving the coffee beans and cutting overhead costs through our hand depulping machines, there continues to be a lack of electricity in these rural regions. This becomes an issue for health clinics in the region, which rely on aspects of modern technology to treat patients. We have recently joined with ATprojects, Papua New Guinea to bring electricity to rural health clinics in the Papua New Guinea highlands.


  • Tribal Aromas
  • ATprojects, Papua New Guinea

Time Period

2015 - ongoing

Money Committed by Dean's Beans

$1,000 + monthly contributions

Current Status

  • New relationship with ATprojects