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Frequently Asked Questions

1. When will my order arrive?

Here at Dean's, we know how important it is to have your morning cuppa.  That’s why we try to get out orders out as quickly as possible.  We usually process and ship orders within one day of receiving the order, except on weekends.  If your order is placed after 8:30am on Friday, it will be processed on Monday as we are not open on the weekends.  Please plan accordingly!

HOWEVER, things may slow down with heavy traffic, particularly around holidays. Again, please plan accordingly! It can take several more days during Holiday rushes or during times with high-order volume, and we don't want you to be disappointed. We are not responsible for late shipments.

If an order comes in damaged or you get the wrong order please call us immediately and we will replace it or give you a credit! For damages, save the box and packaging for UPS inspection or return! We can be reached at 978-544-2002 ext. 110, M-F, 9-4 or leave a message with the office for these or any other shipping issues.  When calling, please note your order number, and the Shipping Dept. number so we can help track your order.

2. What is your shipping policy?

We use UPS as our default shipping carrier, and we now offer expedited shipping options! For orders shipping to the Northeast, generally UPS will deliver the day after an order ships (wow, that’s quick!). UPS prices vary from zip code to zip code and will change occasionally. We are not responsible for increased UPS prices! For more information on UPS, holiday closures and delivery times go to

We offer UPS Ground, 3-Day Select, 2-Day or Next Day Services.

SurePost is our economy shipping option*.  This service is where UPS picks the package up from our facility, and drops it off at your local Post Office (including PO Boxes) for them to deliver as usual.  You can ship up to 9 pounds with this option.  This is a more economical route for many packages, however please note: this service adds 1-2 days in transit to your order.  Please keep this in mind when weighing shipping options!

Shipping to a PO Box?  The only option to select is SurePost.  

*This options replaces Dean’s Beans Flat Rate option.

3.  Do you ship internationally, and to Alaska and Hawaii?

For all international shipments, you will need to call in your order (it cannot be done through our website at this time).  Please call Customer Service at 978-544-2002 x110 and we will set up an international account for you. The biggest issue you will face is high shipping costs. We have found that it can be costly, even for a few pounds, which is why we usually recommend the International Flat Rate through the Post Office.

You will also need to call in order for Alaska and Hawaii.  The most economic route is to ship via a Post Office Flat Rate box. If you'd like to do so, please call Customer Service at 978-544-2002 x110 to set it up for you.

If you would like us to send you quotes, you can also email and let us know roughly how many pounds you are looking to purchase, your postal code and country and we can send you the full range of shipping.

4. Do you ship to APO/FPOs and other military addresses?

Yes, we do!  The only option that will work is UPS SurePost, as they deliver to the post office for military delivery.  If you prefer to send via the Post Office directly, please call Customer Service at 978-544-2002 x110 and we will set up a Military Account for you.  

5. Are there nuts, gluten or dairy in any of your products?

No, no and sometimes.  It depends on what you are ordering.  









Dark Chocolate UFOs*

Baker's Cocoa

Dark Chocolate UFOs*

Dark Chocolate UFOs*

Baker’s Cocoa


Baker’s Cocoa

Baker’s Cocoa





 Hazelnut Flavored Coffee


Dark Chocolate Java Drops*

Dark Chocolate Java Drops*



Hot Cocoa Mix**

Hot Cocoa Mix**

*Dark Chocolate Java Drops and UFOs are vegan and do NOT contain dairy or nuts, but they are processed in a facility that also processes nuts and milk.

**Our Hot Cocoa Mix does NOT contain nuts, but they are manufactured in a facility that also processes nuts.  It does contain dairy.

6. Are all of your products organic?

Yes.  We are certified organic by Baystate Organic Certifiers.

7. Are all of your products kosher?

Yes.  We are certified Kosher by Springfield VAAD.

8. Are all of your products Fair Trade?

Yes.  We are members of the Fair Trade Federation, the only 100% Fair Trade organization.  For more about ongoing Fair Trade controversies, see our Javatrekker’s Journal.

9. What are green beans, and how do I use them?

Green beans are raw, unroasted coffee beans.  They need to be roasted before brewing (don’t try to grind or brew them raw!  It is not an enjoyable experience!).  We have a number of different green bean varieties we sell if you are into home-roasting your own coffee.  Each origin has its own unique properties and flavors, and responds differently to various roast times and temps.  In our green coffee descriptions, we offer some guidance on how to best roast each of the green beans.  Or you can visit our new Home Roasters Guide.

If you are interested in beginning to roast your own beans, you can get started with something as simple and affordable as a popcorn maker!  We recommend the Whirley Pop at first, and once you’re ready to dive in, we also sell a great homeroaster called the FreshRoast SR-500

For questions about homeroasting, contact our Head Roaster directly here:

10. Do you sell green beans in bulk or through wholesale?

Unfortunately, we do not sell our green beans wholesale or offer larger-sized bags or bulk discounts.  We need to keep our precious supply of green beans for our own roasts, and we do not have a facility large enough to store beans to wholesale to the tons of roasters who are looking to purchase.  We only sell in small amounts to home roasters.  You can purchase them in 1 pound or 5 pound bags.

We also cannot sell you our proprietary blends in green bean form, silly! That would be giving away our big secrets.  And besides, experimenting with your own blends is the fun part, right?

11. How do I know which grind I should select?

It all depends on what brew method you use (see our Brewing Guide page for a complete breakdown). First, your coffee will be the freshest if you order whole bean. Once beans are ground, oxidation speeds up and eventually coffee staling - extreme loss of flavors and aroma - occurs. So, purchasing whole bean and grinding yourself will keep the beans fresh, for a longer period of time.

It is best to grind your coffee just before you brew it, but we also understand the value of convenience by having us grind it, or you simply might not own a grinder (wanna get one? Go here!) For these reasons, we are happy to grind your coffee* for you in one of three ways:

    • Normal Grind: best for all autodrip machines
    • Fine Grind: best for espresso
    • Coarse Grind: best for French Presses and percolators

*We charge 25¢ per pound to grind your coffee.*

12. What is the best way to store my coffee? 

Once coffee beans have been roasted and degassed (rested), they then go through what is called oxidation. This is essentially the gradual loss of aroma and flavors in the beans, due to the introduction of oxygen to their chemical makeup. Oxidation is usually slowed down via proper packaging and storage.  Fresh roasted coffee should be kept in a cool, dry and dark place in an airtight container.  Unopened one-pound bags, however, are nitrogen-flushed and sealed, and will stay fresh for at least 3 months if left in stable temperatures.

To freeze or not to freeze…that is the question!  Although it is not ideal in terms of freshness, we recognize that many of our customers purchase in larger quantities to save money, and need to store coffee for a longer period of time.  This is where the freezer comes in.

If you want to freeze coffee, the trick is to break up the coffee into small increments that will last you two to three weeks. Put the coffee into a freezer safe bag or airtight container. Keep the first amount out on your counter for immediate use, and stash the rest of it in the freezer. Once you run out of the supply on your counter, just grab the next bag/container. What you DON’T want to do is take the coffee in and out of the freezer. The drastic changes in temperatures will cause it to stale much quicker. It should hold in the freezer in a freezer safe container/bag for up to 3 months.  

13. How do I brew the best cup of coffee?

Great question not easily answered!  People get their PHD in coffee brewing these days, spending their entire lives trying to answer this very question.  It all depends on what method you are using, and what kind of cup you are looking for.  Each method requires different grinds, water temperatures, times and other treatments.

Please visit our NEW Brewing Guide page for a breakdown of all the factors that go into a great cup of coffee, and the recommendations for various brewing methods. 

Of course, it also depends on what you mean by "best."  To us, the "best" cups of coffee are the ones that have an impact on more than just your taste buds.

14. What does Natural Water-Processed Decaf mean?

Instead of using harsh chemicals to remove the caffeine from the coffee beans, the water decaffeination method uses water in a gentle eco-friendly process.  The beans are soaked in hot water for a designated period of time, and the caffeine leaches out. Then the solution is passed through a carbon filter that catches the caffeine particles, but leaves the water, oils, and flavors to be reabsorbed into the beans. You are left with a 99.9% caffeine free bean, without sacrificing great taste or adding unneeded chemicals to the environment and your body.

15. What is the difference between arabica and robusta?

It’s all coffee (and here it’s all organic and fair trade), but Arabica and Robusta are two totally different species of coffee.  Most of our coffees are Arabica (as most specialty coffees are), but we have a great source for high-altitude organic robusta beans that we add to some of our blends because of their caffeine punch.  Robusta beans contains more caffeine than Arabica, which is why you’ll see a bit of it in our Italian Espresso Roast, Roadhouse, Berkeley Shark Bite and, of course, Ahab’s Revenge.

Here is a link to the full botanical breakdown of coffee by the Specialty Coffee Association of America.

16. Can I visit your facility?

Sure!  We are open for visitors and walk-in customers from 9 – 3 Monday through Friday.  If you would like a tour, please call our office.  Depending on the busy-ness of our production schedule, we can offer you a (fairly informal) tour. 

You can visit us here:

Dean's Beans Organic Coffee Co.

Randall Pond Industrial Park

50 R.W. Moore Ave.

Orange, MA 01364

(978) 544-2002