it only costs $25 - $50 per year to send a girl to school in guatemala

"Universally, [Guatemalan] girls have identified lack of access to education as the number one impediment to social and economic empowerment in their lives" - CHICA co-founder Sarah Cycon

In Guatemala, girls are faced with economic and gender constraints that restricts their access to education, causing 84% of Guatemalan girls to drop out before the 7th grade. Dean's Beans is tackling this issue by partnering with and supporting a number of organizations dedicated to supporting women's empowerment in Guatemala.

CHICA - Communidades de Hermanas Inteligentes con Corazones Abiertos (translated - Communities of Intelligent Sisters with Open Hearts) is a Guatemalan indigenous girls' empowerment organization founded by three Amherst, MA high school students in 2008. CHICA organizes health and social workshops for indigenous girls to increase self-esteem, build community, and support each other in reaching their dreams. APROS is a grassroots women's health organization founded by indigenous Guatemalan women from rural coffee villages with technical and financial assistance from Dean's Beans. Together, we have set up health and social forums through CHICA and established a scholarship fund to support the participating girls in attending high school and college.

To read more about CHICA and its work empowering girls, visit our blog post or call Dean for further information. (978-544-2002)


  • Trece Hilos

Time Period

2008 - ongoing

Current Status

  • A new girls reproductive health program started in early 2016