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Javatrekker's Journal

Update from Ethiopia

Supporting Life in a Country in Crisis

As activists and development workers in the coffeelands it is sometimes hard to keep focused on the good things amidst so many problems. But that’s what we have t...

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We are so honored to have been mentioned by Organic Authority in their recent article "9 Conscious Coffee Beans You Have to Try". 

Here is some of the criteria we had to meet:

-"The brand uses beans fro...

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Climate Change and Its Effects on Coffee

(excerpted from our newest in the Javatrekker Series on Climate Change)

Climate change is finally starting to receive the attention it deserves from politicians ...

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Dean will be at Whole Foods, Fresh Pond on Wednesday (4/20) from 3:00 to 6:30pm doing a coffee demo! Stop by and say hi to the man!

A Storm's a Brewin'!

How the Coffee Industry Creates Income Inequality

Cafes and coffee have historically been associated with dissent and fomenting positive change. Yet in the past decade the industry has actually added t...

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Global Health University

Dean has been asked by Yale to be a panelist for a Global Health University Webinar, for 500 to 1,000 participants, and to share his expertise on the subject of Ethics in Marketing! Check it out (and ...

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Dean is hosting an amazing PBS documentary called Coffee: The Drink That Changed America! The film tells the story of how coffee has shaped America, from its prominence in the Revolutionary War to its...

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Dean at Assumption College

Dean will be speaking at Assumption College in Worcester, MA tonight in a college-wide address sponsored by the local student chapter of Catholic Relief Services (CRS).

Dean will be meeting with Senator Stan Rosenberg today along with other members of Mass. Citizens for GMO Labeling to try and move the mandatory labeling legislation out of committees and on to the fl...

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Dean will be part of an expert webinar panel looking at cultural competecy for successful international development projects, as part of Yale's Unite for Sight Webinar Series.

November 5, 2015 @ 4pm

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