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Haste Makes Waste: Sun-Grown Coffee

We get asked often to explain the difference between sun-grown coffee and shade-grown coffee? What’s the big deal?! Well as it turns out: A LOT! We only buy and roast shade-grown coffee at Dean’s Beans and today we wanted to share some important differences in coffee production and highlight why we make that choice.

Mental Health in the Heart of Guatemala

What we are witnessing here is no small feat. This is a picture (above) from a home-visit in a remote mountain village to check up on a new mom and her baby (the little guy is strapped to her back). What makes the visit so extraordinary is that Ingrid, a Mayan community health promoter, is delivering direct health services to another Mayan woman in their own Mayan language.

A Taste of Timor

We have been buying coffee directly from the village of Atsabe in Ermera, Timor-Leste for seven years, through Cooperative Cafe Timor. The coffee is some of the best Dean has had in his forty years in the coffee world.

If you can't grow coffee, grow poppies.

Mexican coffee farmers are forced to ask themselves this hard question every day: if climate change destroyed your livelihood, what would you do to feed your family?
The nursery in Pangoa, open for business!

Reforestation, Gender Equity & Guinea Pigs

Each visit to our farmer partners is an amazing experience. Sometimes happy, sometimes sad, but always both a learning experience and a chance to go deeper into our quest to bring positive change to the world. My recent muddy, buggy, flood and storm delayed trip to Pangoa Coop on the slopes of the Peruvian Amazon was no exception.

Oldies But Goodies

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