We've been fighting for women's equality for 25 years - since our inception, really. On International Women's Day this year, we want to show you it takes more than just a day. It takes hard work on the ground, and it takes years, but the results are abolutely worth it - saved lives, empowerment and opportunities, and entire communities benefitting from women's engagement. Below is our Matrix of Women's Development Programs over the years:

Cooperative PartnerCountryProgram(s)Time PeriodOther Partners$ Current Year CommitmentPast $ FundingStatus
Sidama CooperativeEthiopiaCommunity-Based  Cervical Cancer Prevention2014 -ongoingGrounds for Health, Roasters' Challenge, Pepfar$4,000$92,00012 Communities, 8500 women screened, 783 women treated
PRODECOOPNicaraguaNeonatal trainings2015-ongoingMANOS$2,000$4,500Supporting maternal and neonatal health training projects
  Unseen Women Literacy Project2016-ongoingLibros para Ninos$5,200$2,000Developing ongoing literacy and trainer program
Pangoa CooperativePeruWomen's Loan Fund2012-ongoingCODEMU$2,000$8,000 Self-managed women's fund for income generation
Wangana CoopIndiaGirls education support2015-ongoingBarakat Internat'l$100/mo$2,400On-going support 
ASOBAGRIGuatemalaWomen's loan funds, Girl's self-esteem and education, health promoter trainings2008-ongoingAPROS, Trece Hilos, Maya Women's Health Alliance$4,000$8,0002 Training sessions with Maya Women's Health Alliance
COOPACRwandaMen & Women overcoming gender violence2013-2017Men's Resource Center, Government of Norway$0$8,000Program taken over by Rwandan Men's Resource Center
PERIJA Women's CooperativeColombiaAlternative Income Program2018Inconexus$5,000N/ANew Program
KKJO IndonesiaWomen's Agroforesty & lending program2018Leuser Foundation$4,000N/ANew Program

And here is some info about our programs and efforts domestically on women's issues:

Pregnant Worker's Fairness Act in Massachusetts

Support for such women's organizations as Mother Woman, Grounds for Health, and NELCWIT

Dean was awarded the first ever UNITED NATIONS Women's Empowerment Award for Community Engagement