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A Shout Out from Organic Authority

We are so honored to have been mentioned by Organic Authority in their recent article "9 Conscious Coffee Beans You Have to Try". 

Here is some of the criteria we had to meet:

-"The brand uses beans from small- to mid-sized farmers. The brand either has a close, fair relationship with farmers, or is designated Fair Trade Certified.

-The brand roasts coffee and uses beans that have a low environmental impact. This means the brand sells organic coffee or is designated with another eco-friendly title, such as Shade-Grown or Certified Bird-Friendly.

- The brand is concerned with quality over quantity; all its coffee types were crafted with care. Basically, the brand has a select line of beans that it sells at a storefront, online or in local stores. Every brand referenced in this list has been lauded by coffee experts and online coffee reviews."

And if the Organic Authority says so, it must be so!

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