Celebrating our first well in Jimma, the birthplace of coffee


In Jimma, home to our Ethiopian partner Haro Copperative, women used to walk over a mile to retrieve water for their families in heavy plastic jugs from a downhill spring-fed stream. But our Miriam's Well program built a tank to capture water directly from the spring before it is contaminated by human and animal runoff. Within the village of Haro, men dug a trench by hand and constructed a well directly in the village square. Many surrounding villages now get water from the tank, insuring clean, potable water to over 3,000 people for the first time. Although the wells were completed in 2012, villagers continue to benefit on a daily basis.

Cooperative Partner

Oromia Cooperative

Time Period

2008 - 2012

Money Committed by Dean's Beans



  • 2 wells built in 2012
  • Water management committees still operating