Dean has spoken on numerous radio programs, TV shows, and public talks at univerities and community events about our trade justice approach.

One of the central tenants of our Trade Justice Philosophy is transparency. At Dean's Beans we know that folks will make the right choices if they know what they are choosing. The problem is, most companies don't like to share where their products come from and don't offer accurate information about their trade practices. We think that the more people know, the better. That's why we dedicate a lot of time and energy doing outreach and education in our community. We love speaking at schools, universities, summer camps, to church groups and other clubs and organizations about our views on trade justice.

 Here is a list of some of the places and events we've spoken at recently:

  • Yale Global Health Conference; New Haven, CT
  • Monadnock Summer Lyceum; Peterborough, NH
  • United Nations Equality Means Business summit; New York City, NY
  • Bioneers by the Bay; New Bedford, MA
  • Mediterranean School of Business; Tunisia
  • Notre Dame University; South Bend, IN
  • Boston College; Weston, MA
  • UMass Amherst; Amherst, MA
  • Williams College; Williamstown, MA
  • Amherst College; Amherst, MA
  • Northfield Mount Herman School; Gill, MA
  • The Winchendon School; Winchendon, MA
  • Providence College; Providence, RI name a few!

 If you would like us to come and speak where ever you are, send us an email with your ideas.