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All Organic Fair Trade Direct Coffee… and More

Everybody wins with a Dean's Beans Fundraiser!

Organic, Fair Trade Fundraising, the Dean's Beans Way

Are you looking for a sure-fire way to raise money for your school or cause? Try our 100% Organic, Fair Trade Coffee. With over 20 years of experience, we have created a straightforward fundraising program that is sure to bring you the most return. It’s a WIN-WIN-WIN!

The Farmer...

...Gets Fair Trade pricing and development support.

The Consumer...

...Gets great tasting coffee at a reasonable price.

Your Organization...

...Raises money and awareness, while giving real value for the contribution! Join the many groups nationwide who use our coffee and cocoa for fundraising! Sell directly during events or take orders for distribution. Customize labels with your organizations name.

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"We just completed our first fundraiser with Dean's Beans and could not be happier with the result!  The idea of organizing a fundraiser was a bit daunting, but we found the the efficiency of the entire process to be simple and manageable.  In addition, we are proud to promote an exceptional product and a company that cares about their impact on the world.  This was a huge selling point for us.  Lastly, we love that we had the chance to customize a label, which gave 'our' coffee a nice, personal touch.  We hope to make this a yearly fundraiser!"

Rachel Lepine & Heather Kasunick
Karen Clancy Scholarship, West Springfield High School

"We have been selling Dean's Beans coffee every month for six years. Our customers love the coffee and appreciate that it is organic and fair trade. Every year our coffee sales generate several thousand dollars to support cultural arts and other enrichment programs for our school. It's great to have a steady stream of income to the PTO each month. We have recommended this program to other schools in our community, and it is very popular."

Monica Green
Coffee sales coordinator, Jackson Street Elementary School

"When we were looking for a fundraiser, we needed to deal with a business that made a difference in the world. Deans Beans was it! We now proudly proclaim that by people buying Dean’s coffee, we are changing the world one cup of coffee at a time!"

Kurt Hoffman
Allegany College, Chair-Social and Behavioral Sciences

"We have used Dean’s Beans as a fundraising tool for the last two years. I’ve never seen an easier way to make money; a great product at a reasonable price. People come back after  a few weeks and say they wish they’d ordered more. We even had a contest to come up with coffee names that were specific to our business. I’d not fail to recommend using Dean’s Beans to raise money.

In fact, our treatment center was shut down due to state budget reasons and I plan on using Dean’s Beans to raise money at my new job! My new co-workers had heard about what we did at the old place and are very excited."

Bo Cox
Griffin Memorial Hospital

"I initiated a Dean's Beans Organic Coffee Fundraiser four seasons ago to boost income for my local synagogue.  I can't think of a better way to raise funds in a win-win situation. Customers get great coffee at a lower price than they would at a retail store and the organization profits handsomely. The staff at Dean's Beans is terrific, and Dean, himself, is an amazing humanitarian and one of my heroes. As I say in my ads:  Dean's Beans--Great Coffee, Great Price, Great Cause"

Susan Weinstein Cinner
Jewish Community of Amherst, PTO Chair Emeritus, Leverett Elementary School