our reforestation efforts in peru have helped create the world's first carbon neutral coffee


The Ashaninkas indigenous coffee growers of Pangoa Cooperative rely on their sacred lands, which provide food, medicines and sacred objects and sites to this trice. Yet the lands have been severely degraded (clear-cut or heavily logged) by illegal loggers since the 1970's -- as part of an earlier "development project". We created a successful reforestation program with the farmers. They chose the types of trees the plant ("grandfathers" to anchor the ecosystem) and created nurseries, we bought the seed and paid for the labor of nursery management and replanting. The money comes from sales of our NoCO2 coffee, the same coffee these farmers grow. In this way we feel that the sale of the coffee is not only replanting the land but mitigating the carbon generated by the shipping, roasting, and brewing of the coffee here at home. Rather than relying on quick growing pines or eucalyptus, the favorites of the carbon offset crowd, the farmers picked trees they knew would restore the native ecology, attract animals, and provide wood, food, and medicine in the future (calling it "our social security"). Over thirty thousand native hardwood trees have been planted so far, and nearby communities are looking to replicate the program.

Cooperative Partners

Pangoa Cooperative

Time Period

2006 - ongoing

Money Committed by Dean's Beans


Current Status

  • >30,000 native trees planted
  • Multiple nurseries built
  • Two consultant visits for environmental planning
  • Women's loan fund