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10 Pack of Kraft Paper Bags (with Tin Tie)


10 bags for $2.50!

We often get requests for these bags from homeroasters, so you can package your own. (They make great holiday gifts!)

These Kraft Paper bags can fit 1 pound of coffee, are PLA-lined, and have a tin tie for a seal.


Organic Ethiopian Green Coffee (Unroasted)


Wild, fruity Yirgacheffe beans that have a floral, earthy taste. Very chaffy (natural-processed). You might notice slight variations in bean color- this is normal for Ethiopian coffee.


Organic Green Espresso - Ultra (Unroasted)


Timor Robusta for crema and caffeine kick, blended with Honduran and Timor for a tangy, slightly bitter Old World flavor. A real brain fryer!


Organic Green Renacimiento (Guat) (Unroasted)


Mild acidity, milk chocolate, cane sugar, clean and smooth.


Region: Sololá, Lake Atitlan
Grower: Cooperativa Renacimiento
Process: Fully washed
Altitude: 900-1,300m
Varietals: Bourbon, Catuai, and Caturra


Organic Guatemalan Green Coffee (Unroasted)


Small, dark green beans, strictly hard bean, fully washed. Smokey flavor and slightly acidic. This is a very versatile bean. To me it is equally good in dark or medium roasts, so experiment and enjoy the different qualities.


Organic Mexican Green Coffee (Unroasted)


Large and smooth, makes for easy roasting. Mellow and sweet, slightly acidic. This is such a well-rounded cup, good for any time of the day.


Organic Nicaraguan Green Coffee (Unroasted)


Large hard bean with a smooth, full taste. Slightly dry, cocoa taste. Great roasted light or dark. Everybody loves this green coffee and it is very easy to roast.


Organic Robusta Green Coffee (Unroasted)


This is the power kicker to add to any darker roast for a caffeine high and a creamy finish. We only select robustas that we can actually drink straight, not the swill that the major roasters use for filler. There is a difference!


Organic Sumatran Green Coffee (Unroasted)


Hey, it's my favorite! Light or dark, this coffee has full body and low acidity. I like this better than Jamaican (and the farmers don't get abused).

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Total Products: 16