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Bodum C-Mill Grinder


The little workhorse for every kitchen. I like these Bodums because they last and keep a sharp blade for a long time. And, hey, if you don't want to shell out for the Antigua, this is the way to go.


Bodum High-End BISTRO Grinder


For the coffee fanatic with disposable income. This is the Bistro - Bodum's top model (we sell for less!). Keeps beans fresh on top, times grind for requested amount, variable grind levels - does everything but wash the dishes! Available in black only.


FreshRoast SR500


The Fresh Roast SR500 features a 4.5 ounce green bean capacity, so you can roast enough coffee for 20 cups in one batch. It is 12.5" tall, and 7.5" wide. The keypad features a digital keypad present with a 5.9 minute roast time. The roast time can be extended by pressing the up buttons, shortened by pressing the down buttons, and ended by pressing the cool button, which starts a 4 minute cooling cycle. In addition, a fan speed control knob and low, medium, and high heat settings are also available, valuable tools for the advanced roaster who wants to tailor their roast to perfection.

Product Specifications:

  • Variable convection fan control
  • Temperature control
  • 3 settings for roast control
  • Time control
  • Precise digital time display
  • Adjust temperature and time without interrupting roasting cycle
  • Heat override switch to fine tune your roast without interrupting roasting cycle
  • Roast beans enough for 20 cups in under 10 minutes
  • Easy to use for novice and experienced roasters
  • Speed Roast fluid motion system ensures fast, even roasting
  • Roast any coffee light or dark


One-year manufacturer warranty.  

This item is currently out of stock.

Tightvac Coffeevac 1 Pound Vacuum Sealed Storage Container (Clear)


We're often asked how best to store coffee, so here is a great airtight container that we recommend. It vacuum seals itself, and is impossible to open without releasing that seal (read: keeps it FRESH). It easily fits a pound of coffee, and each container comes with a Dean's Beans sticker so you can proudly display your beans for all the world to see what you're drinking.

Unique, easy push button vacuum seal system

Airtight and Moisture Free

BPA Free, FDA & EU approved food grade polystyrene, durable and recyclable


Whirley-Pop Stovetop Popcorn Popper


This classic stovetop popcorn popper doubles as a simple home roaster! Great for beginners, adventurous types and folks who love trial and error. It's a simple process with this affordable STAINLESS STEEL 6-quart stovetop gadget, as it allows you to easily churn the coffee to keep the beans moving while keeping it on the heat, but you gotta be on your toes - it can go from good to burnt in a few seconds.

Here are some tips from our very own Head Roaster.

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Total Products: 5