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Organic Baking Cocoa


We were the first to offer Fair Trade cocoa in the USA, and now you can order it on-line! Our cocoa is dutch processed. 100% unsweetened, raw cocoa in powdered form from CONACADO, a great cooperative in the Dominican Republic. That's where Maria Isabel taught me the Bachata! 10-12% Fat Content


Dark Chocolate UFOs


The name says it all - Unbelievably Flavorful Objects, these Organic / Fair Trade Chocolate Discs are sure to conquer that sweet craving. It's a Guilt Free indulgence with Fair Trade.

All-organic, Fair Trade, Kosher Ingredients: Chocolate liquor, sugar, cocoa butter, soy lecithin (emulsifier), vanilla.


Organic Hot Cocoa Mix


Field tested by a playgroup of wild 4-year olds over the spring and summer, this hot cocoa mix really passes the test. We were the first company to offer organic fair trade hot cocoa in the USA! The first, and still the best! Ingredients: Organic Sugar, organic cocoa powder, organic non-fat dry milk - that's it!


Organic Dark Chocolate Java Drops


Vienna-roasted, shade grown Guatemalan and Mexican coffees sensuously surrounded by pure dark chocolate.


Organic Sweet Justice Sugar


Our "Sweet Justice" Organic/Fair Trade cane sugar comes from a small cooperative in Paraguay, Manduvira.

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Total Products: 5