Javatrekker's Journal

Every Day is Earth Day at Dean's Beans...for REAL!

It might be cliche, but we really do treat every day as if it were Earth Day, a national day of awareness and focus on the environment. Every decision we make here at the Beanery gets an environmental gut-check: how is this impacting our planet? I... Read More

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Reforestation, Gender Equity & Guinea Pigs

Each visit to our farmer partners is an amazing experience. Sometimes happy, sometimes sad, but always both a learning experience and a chance to go deeper into our quest to bring positive change to the world. My recent muddy, buggy, flood and storm delayed trip... Read More

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Bird-friendly vs. Shade-grown

Is Dean's Beans for the Birds or What??

You bet your beak we are! But as with every labeling approach in the crazy coffee world the issues are complex and the attempts to deal with them range from super serious to supercilious. Some programs have meaning for farmers and the birds, and some just feathe... Read More

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