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Mental Health in the Heart of Guatemala

When I looked through all the colorful photos I took while on my most recent Dean’s Beans development trip to Guatemala, this one stuck out the most. It wasn’t the prettiest picture I took (I mean, I got some beauties!), nor the most vibrant (it was ... Read More

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If you can't grow coffee, grow poppies.

Mexican coffee farmers are forced to ask themselves this hard question every day: if climate change destroyed your livelihood, what would you do to feed your family? With the world heating up, many coffee plants simply cannot fight off the “roya” - a... Read More

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A Taste of Timor

We have been buying coffee directly from the village of Atsabe in Ermera, Timor-Leste for seven years, through Cooperative Cafe Timor. The coffee is some of the best Dean has had in his forty years in the coffee world. It is an origin that demands a higher profi... Read More

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