Javatrekker's Journal

Every Day is Earth Day at Dean's Beans...for REAL!

It might be cliche, but we really do treat every day as if it were Earth Day, a national day of awareness and focus on the environment. Every decision we make here at the Beanery gets an environmental gut-check: how is this impacting our planet? I... Read More

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Dean Loves Babies! (Baby Coffee Trees, that is)

How One Small Nicaraguan Community Fights Climate Change

How One Small Community Fights Climate Change The last three years were the hottest on record worldwide. Climate change is real and it is here. I see the terrible impacts on families and the earth every time I visit the coffee lands. Her... Read More

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Libros para Ninos

Launching Community-Based Kids Literacy in Nicaragua

Last week we launched a new program with our coop partner Prodecoop in Nicaragua aimed at encouraging children to read and providing them with quality books and the opportunity to do so. It was one of the most profound experiences in all my years doing people-ce... Read More

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