Get Involved!

We are a small team here, with giant ideas. We can always use help along the way! There's a number of ways you can help further our People-Centered Development and bring positive change to the world!

  • Drink GREAT Coffee. Yeah, it would be great if you drank our high-quality coffee, but it doesn't necessarily have to be! Seek out organic, Fair Trade, and Bird Friendly coffees. Make sure you purchase from a company who does more than just roast coffee that tastes good. Are they committed to the farmers where they source their beans? Do they work to reduce or offset their environmental impact? Do they take care of their people - employees, farmers, consumers, and everyone else seed to cup?
  • Tell the world about us! We don't have a huge marketing budget (we'd much prefer to give that money directly to the farmers), so word of mouth is crucial! If you love our mission and our coffee, tell your friends. Drink it in the office. Slap a sticker on your car! 
  • Start a Fundraiser. We have a robust Fundraising program that's a real Win-Win-Win for everyone. You earn money for your school/church/field trip, etc. We dedicate our proceeds to our People-Centered Development programs. And your people get delicious, organic coffee, which everyone loves!
  • Become a Wholesale PartnerAsk about carrying our coffee and products in your cafe, office, church, grocery store or other business.
  • Ask us to speak in your local community. A crucial piece of this work is public education. We have tons of experience with giving lectures and talks, and would love to come to speak to your group, school, institution or event!

Please follow us on social media for all the updates from us, our farmers and active projects in the coffeelands!

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