Sweet Justice Cocoa & Sugar

You know us here at Dean's Beans for our award-winning, ground-breaking development projects throughout the coffeelands, but did you know we are equally engaged in helping out at home? After twenty five years, we have decided to formalize our social justice efforts here in the US. We revamped and expanded our non-coffee “sweet” products to specifically support all sorts of domestic social "justice" work. Get it? It's Sweet JUSTICE®! All products are certified Organic, Fair Trade, Kosher. We are a certified B Corporation.

ALL profits from sales of our Sweet Justice® line of chocolates, cocoas and sugar will be dedicated to good works, advocacy and activism at home. That means funds for teaching English to our newest citizens, food for the disadvantaged, lobbying for increased minimum wages, pregnant workers fairness, bee protection, indigenous rights and MUCH much more. We take our obligations to our beautiful country as seriously as we do our responsibilities down the coffee supply chain - like our newest Kids Stimulus Package program. Now it's easier than ever to connect your sweet tooth to social justice here at home.

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