Nobel Peace Winners Meet with Dean!

Over the last month, Dean had the honor of spending personal time with two amazing Nobel Peace Prize winners. In late February, Dean was in Guatemala with his daughter Sarah, working with indigenous teen aged girls. They met with Rigoberta Menchu, who wholeheartedly endorsed the CHICA project founded by Sarah, and asked her to expand the work in Guatemala (Dean has known and worked with Rigoberta since 1980).
Last week, Dean was in East Timor, the first American coffee roaster to visit Timorese farmers in their communities. Dean had a one-on-one with President Jose Ramos-Horta, Nobel Peace Prize winner for his role in ending hundreds of years of colonization and occupation of East Timor. They spoke about development, politics, peace and the unique qualities of a certain hybrid Timor coffee (the President swears it is a natural Viagra!).

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