Small Farmer's Exchange

The deadline to sign up for the trip is December 1st! (SIGN UP NOW CLOSED)

In July, Dean's Beans led our first Social X Change with 12 of our customers to the Oro Verde farmer's cooperative in Peru. On that trip, we explored and engaged with the world of cooperatives, coffee, cacao, Organic farming, culture and much more.

On a visit to a coffee grower's community, one farmer asked, "How do small farmers in the U.S. manage risk?" His question surprised and stumped us, and was the seed for our next idea:

The first-ever Dean's Beans Small Farmers Exchange!

This January 20th-28th, 2014 (subject to slight adjustment), we will be bringing small farmers from our region to visit Peru and engage in a true exchange with small farmers in the Oro Verde cooperative. We cannot wait to see the interaction of small farmers from the U.S. with small farmers from Peru - they will have so much in common and so much to share!

To make this affordable to local farmers, we have decided to subsidize part of the cost of the trip. The TOTAL cost of the trip, including airfare and everything in-between, will be $1300. A bargain!

Email or call with any other questions or comments!

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