The Latest Victim of Climate Change?

Pretty soon climate change could be leaving a bad taste in your mouth!

As temperatures steadily rise in the coffee lands, coffee production has also been impacted. In places like Ethiopia, the increase in temperatures has caused the coffee plant cherries to ripen too quickly, which impacts the overall flavor of Ethiopian’s distinct and highly prized coffee beans. If that doesn’t sound bad enough, imagine what it is doing for the 16% of Ethiopia’s population whose primary income comes from coffee production. Yep, you read that correctly – 16% of the entire country’s population! Farmers, like Rahema Hussein, who smiles and serves the rewards of her coffee harvest in her hands. Climate change means Rahema has a lot less to smile about…and #thisiswhy Dean’s Beans Organic Coffee Company is fighting to do something about it!

You can read more about climate change and Ethiopia in CNN’s recent article on the topic:…/…/coffee-climate-change-trnd/index.html

Also, check out what we are doing to combat climate change through our innovative reforestation programs and direct-development programs in Ethiopia:

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