We've inaugurated our solar panels!

On Thursday September 7th, Dean’s Beans inaugurated its kickin’ 10KW solar panel system in a one of a kind wire cutting ceremony. The Dean’s Beans crew was joined by a lively group of individuals including local press, the Pioneer Valley PhotoVoltaics Cooperative team which installed the system, the Massachusetts Technology Collaborative, an aide from Senator Brewer’s office, state Representative Christopher Donelan, Tadesse Meskela President of the Oromia Cooperative in Ethiopia, and the sun in all its glory. The panels represent 65% of Dean’s Beans energy use and are part of a larger company initiative to reduce CO2 emissions in order to fight global warming. The company is one of the first in Massachusetts to install such a system, and president Dean Cycon encouraged all companies, large or small, to make similar long-term investments in renewable energies to support environmental stewardship and energy independence. Lisa Naradzay, legislative aide to Senator Brewer, presented Dean’s Beans with a citation from the Massachusetts Senate to honor the company’s transition to solar energy.

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