Migration Celebration

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Cupping Notes: Chocolate. Roasted almonds. Heavy body.
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Whole Bean/Grind

100% Bird-Friendly Honduran coffee - a real celebration of our commitment to protecting migratory birds and their habitat!

[Roast Level] Velvet

[Region] Marcala

[Cooperative] COMSA

[Altitude] 1220-1524m

[Varietal] Bourbon, Typica, Catuai, Caturra

[Processing Method] Fully Washed

We've roasted this coffee to a very approachable middle ground, in between our medium and dark roasts, velvet, as we like to call it.  It's super smooth and full bodied, the acidity is very mild, and the chocolate notes are prevalent. It's hard not to like. 

We’ve collaborated with this community to design and implement the following initiatives:

  • Reforestation
  • Promoting agroforestry

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We've been buying from COMSA in Honduras directly for almost 4 years now, and their coffee has been a reliable component in many of our popular blends, but there's a lot to talk about in this coffee, and we're excited to release it to you as a new, single-origin offering. 

First off, this coffee is entirely produced by women, the Manos de Mujer group (Hands of Women), was formed in 2013 to improve the living standards of the women producers of COMSA, and also to diversify their farms, in order to create more stable income, year round. 

Also, all of their farms are certified Bird-Friendly by the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center, so the coffee is shade-grown, under a diverse canopy of native trees, providing critical habitat to migratory birds from North America. Many of these trees are also fruit trees, so in addition to providing migratory bird habitat, and soil health, it also provides farmers with additional income during the off season from the sale of fruits. Bird-Friendly is a true win-win-win for the birds, for the earth, and for the farmer!

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