Brewing Guide: AeroPress

Brewing Guide: AeroPress

Fast, convenient, and makes one of the best cups of coffee!

The best new coffee maker around! It's our roasters' go-to in the morning (and he never goes camping without it!) It is actually a new kind of coffee press that easily allows you to combine three of the most ideal conditions to make a low-acid, non-bitter delicious cup of coffee. This clean cup of coffee is great for any origin or blend, as it allows true flavors to shine through. It works well with a wide range of ratios as well, and is great for travel and camping. It's robust like a French Press, but smoother.

For brewing, we prefer to use The Inverted Method on AeroPress brewers:

You Will Need:

  • AeroPress filters and spoon
  • 12 grams of normal grind coffee
  • 200 mL of water
  • Kitchen scale
  • Mug

The Inverted Method - Aeropress

Step 1:

Heat the water to to 205 degrees F by bringing it to a boil and then allowing it to sit for 30 seconds. We use a gooseneck kettle, which can be adjusted to exactly 205 degrees.

Step 2:

Place plunger on aeropress and align evenly with the #4 mark.

Step 3:

Place the aeropress on the scale, plunger-side down.

Step 4:

Place paper filter in cap and rinse with hot water. This prevents the paper-y taste and helps the filter sit in place.

Step 5:

Add 12 grams of coffee and zero the scale.

Step 6:

Start the timer and slowly pour in the water until the scale reads 200 grams. Stir once.

Step 7:

Once the timer reads 1 minute, stir 3 times and screw on the cap.

Step 8:

Carefully, with one hand on the plunger and the other hand on the other piece of the aeropress, flip over the entire unit onto your mug (carefully!).

Step 9:

Press plunger down slowly over about 30 seconds, until you hear a hiss. 

* You can experiment with many different ratios, or increase volume/grounds to brew more than one serving. Also try using more coffee and then diluting it with water after brewing. If you wanna get crazy, check out the World AeroPress Championship - that is where things get real!

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