Brewing Guide: Chemex

Brewing Guide: Chemex

A Chemex coffee maker filled with coffee
The legendary Chemex!

When we've got a little extra time in the morning, we love making a pot of coffee with the Chemex. It takes a little extra time, but the smooth, clean tasting coffee is worth every minute!  We've experimented with Chemex brewers in order to provide the best brewing instructions.

You will need:

  • 42 grams ground coffee
  • 700 grams water
  • Timer
  • Coffee filter
  • Kitchen scale

Step 1:

If using the Chemex bonded filters, fold the filter toward the spout of the Chemex, so that three layers of the filter are on the spout side. Rinse the filter with hot water. Pour the water out of the Chemex and place it on your scale. 

Step 2:

Make sure the scale is zeroed out, and add 42 grams of ground coffee to the filter. Zero the scale again. 

Step 3:

Start timer. Add 150 grams of water to allow coffee to bloom. Stir gently (you don't want to tear your filter!)

Step 4:

When timer reads 45 seconds, begin pouring water in slow, steady, concentric circles to 450 grams. Allow the water to drain from the filter until your timer reads 1:45.

Step 5:

When timer reads 1:45, pour water in slow, steady, concentric circles to 700 grams.

Step 6:

After coffee has begun to drain slightly, gently swirl the Chemex in order to loosen the grounds from the sides of the filter. Coffee should finish brewing at 4 minutes.  

Step 7:

Remove filter, pour and enjoy!


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