Roya Education and Prevention in Central America

Currently we are working in Nicaragua, Mexico, Peru and Guatemala fighting La Roya (coffee leaf rust), a devastating fungus that has affected 40% of coffee crops in Central America (100% on many farms), leaving farmers with greatly diminished or absolutely no income for three or more years until a new crop can be established. Our community-based and -run programs focus on education to minimize spread of Roya, composting techniques to strengthen plants, loan funds to purchase new seedlings of resistant plants, and social funds to help farmers get through this troubling time.

Guatemalan Rust: Marlene's farm is falling victim to coffee leaf rust (roya)

To learn more about Roya and its effects on coffee, read our Climate Change Guide, available in store and online.


  • Prodecoop
  • The Coffee Trust
  • Serranos de Motozintla

Time Period

2013 - ongoing

Money Committed by Dean's Beans


Current Status

  • Nicaragua: paying for community outreach and trainings
  • Guatemala: new prevention program with The Coffee Trust
  • Mexico: trainings ongoing, but Serranos de Motozintla having difficulties due to Roya and pricing crisis
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