Washed Ethiopian Sidama Boa Bedegelo

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Cupping Notes: Lemon. Stone Fruit. Cinnamon.
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Whole Bean/Grind

[Roast Level] Light

[Region] Dale Districe, Sidama Zone, Ethiopia

[Cooperative] Boa Bedeglo

[Altitude] 1700-2000m

[Varietal] Indigenous Heirloom

[Processing Method] Fully Washed, Dried on Raised Beds

We’ve collaborated with this community to design and implement the following initiatives:

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We've had a long standing relationship with the Sidama Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union. We've bought their Natural-Process coffees for many years, but that's only half of the picture

They also produce exceptional washed coffees, which year after year, are often the highest scoring samples to come our way

The Sidama Union is very large, made up of over 80,000 members, who are divided among smaller, primary cooperatives. Each year, one washed sample usually stands out (Wayicho last year, Nura Korate, Buna Boka a few years back), and this year the best was from the Boa Bedegelo Cooperative

This is the type of coffee you'll want to savor on its own.It excels when brewed with a manual method, whether pour over, french press, or Chemex.

While some coffees may offer one or two distinguishing flavor characteristics, nuances leap from this one.

Lively citrus and stone fruits give way to smooth notes of Cinnamon, with a refreshing Hibiscus tea type finish.

We've roasted this one light, to really retain all of the inherent characteristics this origin has to offer.

If you've never tried a light-roasted Ethiopian before, you can expect it to upend you assumptions about how coffee "should" taste.

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