Organic Sumatran Green Coffee (Unroasted)

Product image 1A bag of Sumatran green beans
Product image 2A farmer holding two coffee plant seedlings in front of a forest
Product image 3Sumatran Green Beans - 5 pound bag
Product image 4A smiling farmer showing off some of his coffee cherries
Product image 5Organic Sumatran Green Coffee (Unroasted)

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Cupping Notes: Low acidity. Full body. Earthy. Herbal.

[Region] Takengon, Sumatra

[Cooperative] KGLA

[Partners Since] 2020

[Altitude] 1450-1600m

[Varietal] Bourbon, Catimor, S-228, Linie-S

[Processing Method] Wet-hulled

Light or dark, this coffee has full body and low acidity.


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I have been in love with Indonesia since the mid-1970�s. In 1990, I organized a project for Coffee Kids that brought clean water to over 1,500 coffee villagers. Recently, our �Reclaiming Sumatra� project has supported water projects, reforestation and land reclamation in coffee villages, and an innovative water buffalo eco-management project (the first buffalo was named Uncle Dean!).

Our Sumatran is a classic Gayo Mandheling, grown in the Takengon highlands of North Sumatra. The coffee is grown on small, heavily shaded plots of 2-4 acres above 1,100 meters, by the Ketiara and KKGO Coops.This is a singularly full-bodied coffee, very low in acidity. It is a very hard bean and holds its character deep into the dark roast stage.

The lush forest cover and rich volcanic soils of this region make for very full-bodied coffees. The highest-rated coffees in Indonesia come from northern Sumatra. There, the Gayo Mountain, Lintong, and Mandheling coffees take top prizes as among the best in the world. Super full-bodied, slightly sweet and syrupy, with a touch of earthiness (sometimes a lot of it!) that so distinguishes these coffees. Amazingly low in acid.


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"Taking Flight" Migratory Bird Program (2019-ongoing)

  • Reforestation of bird habitat, and bird surveys 
  • Partnership with Leuser Foundation and Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center
  • Funding commitment to date: $16,800

"Reclaiming Sumatra" (2017-ongoing)

  • Orangutan habitat restoration
  • Reforestation and land rights in Aceh
  • 11,000 hardwoods planted
  • Water piping upgrade project
  • Funding commitment to date: $10,200

"Paman Dean" Eco-management using Water Buffaloes (2009-ongoing)

  • Farmer-generated idea to use water buffaloes for fertilizer
  • Funding commitment to date: $8,000

Past Projects

Water Project for Coffee Kids (1990)

  • Brought water to 1,500 coffee villages in Sumatra
  • Promoted sustainability and improved the standard of living

Reclaiming Sumatra (1990)

  • Supported reforestation and land reclamation projects in addition to the water project


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