A Statement of Solidarity

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. Martin Luther King JR

Dean’s Beans stands in solidarity with our fellow Americans calling for justice for the deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, Tony McDade and the countless other Black people who have needlessly died because of systemic racism.

We need to be clear: Black lives matter.

We cannot speak to what it feels like to be Black in America every day. Right now, we are witnessing a moment in American history where millions of us are joining together in an enormous fight against injustice. It takes guts; it takes time; it takes humility; it takes courage; it takes difficult conversations; it takes a strong voice; it takes perseverance. But, as Audre Lorde so eloquently said, “Revolution is not a onetime event.” We need to be clear:

We stand firmly against injustice in any form.

We stand firmly against institutions that do not actively address and strive for equality for all.

We stand firmly with any organization or person fighting for systemic change towards an equitable future for all.

Although it is not on the forefront in this very moment, but because of our fierce commitment to the environment, we want to specifically call out that we seek a climate justice movement that actively includes Black people, Indigenous people, and People of Color.

It is easy to be paralyzed by the enormity of the problems in the world, but the antidote to that paralysis is action. We have said time and time again throughout the COVID-19 pandemic “we are all in this together.” These words ring even more true right now. It does not serve us to be divisive. It does serve us to join together and take collective action against racial and systemic injustice.

Most of our work happens in the coffeelands, in partnership with the communities of coffee farmers from which we source our beans. However, we are also tirelessly dedicated to work here at home, in our own backyards. It includes fighting for immigrant rights, climate justice, pesticide regulation, and human rights. We are nimble, though, and recognize when we need to pivot to speak out against and advocate for injustices playing out right now.

So, again, we need to be clear: Black lives matter.

Social media is filled with myriad lists of actions to take to further understand and acknowledge our complicated history as a nation, and we encourage you to seek out these comprehensive lists, and act.

Here are actions we are taking to move us all forward, towards systemic, inclusive change:

  • Financially supporting the ACLU, Peace Development Fund, and Human Rights Watch
  • Tackling food insecurity through our new “Kids Stimulus Package” program that provides critical funding for school meal programs. One cannot fight injustice if one cannot eat.
  • Encouraging conversations about race and injustice among our employees
  • Voting!
  • Listening to those who have been oppressed; listening to those who are hurting; listening to those who have been victims of injustice.

This is not all, and will not be all. This is a movement, not a moment. There is much work to be done, and it will take time. So, “add your light to the sum of lights” and together let’s light up the future.

In solidarity,

Dean’s Beans Organic Coffee Company

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