I'm a Father - Again and Again!

Light up the cigars (or not)! I am a father in Ethiopia and in Indonesia!

As you all know, I recently became the "second father" (an Oromo tradition) to Rahema Hussein in Ethiopia. She is now seventeen and the daughter of Hadjj Hussein, the first coffee farmer I ever met in Ethiopia years ago. I am paying for Rahema's college and upkeep so that she can continue with her education. I just received the following letter from her (she is starting to learn English):

Hi Dad,
How are you, I am fine thank you and how was your family and work.
Dad happy new year and marry Christmas.
Thank you so much, I was received your and mine photo from Ato tadesse and on your website and I am so happy .I was received your message.
I get good college and my profession is information technology (IT) and I am so happy to join this profession.
Thank you for everything and I am appreciating your help. I can't express your help just I said thank you so much. I will e-mail you again until that good bye.

Yours Rehima Hussein
Bye! Bye

I was incredibly moved by her letter and the effort it took for her to put it together.

I have also received the blessed news from Indonesia that our small family of water buffalo, beginning with Paman Dean, has doubled from five to ten this year as a result of a successful calving season! The farmers attribute the fecundity to some power I vested in the buffalos. Maybe when I was twenty, but at this point in my life I can't claim any such powers. So congratulations to the buffalos and the farmers of Sumatra, whose lives have been improved by this small but meaningful project!

Hope this little bit of good news adds light to your holidays.


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