Mexican Chiapas - Natural Water Process DECAF

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Cupping Notes: Nutty. Malty. Mild.
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Whole Bean/Grind

[Roast Level] Medium

[Decaf Process] Natural Water Process

[Region] Huatusco, Veracruz, Mexico

[Cooperative] Unión Regional Huatusco

[Partners Since] 2023

[Altitude] 1000-1300

[Varietal] Bourbon, Garnica, Colombia

[Processing Method] Fully Washed

We’ve collaborated with this community to design and implement the following initiatives:

  • Bokashi Compost and reforestation program
  • Combatting Coffee Rust
  • Prosthetics and job training to Death Train victims

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These decaffeinated Mexican beans come to us from Unión Regional Huatusco in the region of Veracruz.