Organic Peruvian Green Coffee - Natural Water Process Decaf (Unroasted)

Product image 1Organic Peruvian Green Coffee - Natural Water Process Decaf (Unroasted)
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Cupping Notes: Low acidity. Nutty. Smooth.
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The World's First Carbon Neutral Coffee!

[Region] Amazonian Highlands, Peru

[Cooperative] PANGOA

[Partners Since] 2003

[Altitude] 1200-1800M

[Varietal] Caturra, Typica, Bourbon, Catimor

[Processing Method] Fully Washed

We use sweet, soft Peruvian beans that decaffeinate quickly, retaining their full flavor. In a darker roast, this bean tastes as good as a caffeinated coffee - fool your friends! Decaffeinated using Natural Water Process.

We took a chance on Pangoa, a small coop on the Amazonian slopes of Central Peru back in 2003, being their first Fair Trade and Direct buyer. Since then, we have introduced this coffee to the specialty marketplace, and the sweet, soft beans prepared so well by indigenous Ashaninkas farmers have been in great demand in America and in Europe. We continue to enjoy the best of their crop in return for our long-term commitment.

Pangoa and Dean�s Beans have collaborated on the creation of many meaningful and successful initiatives together over the years. The coop has used our premiums, profit shares and development monies to create women�s loan funds, a great reforestation program, a honey project for income diversification, college education funds and more!

Peru is the forgotten child of the specialty coffee world. It is a huge country, so much so that the growing seasons differ by a month or so even within the same country. Peruvian coffees are notable for their mildness and sweetness, even though they are grown at really high altitudes on the Amazonian slopes of the Andes. They are better in a light roast than a dark roast, as the flavor and mild acidity roast away quickly. But a soft, sweet Peru is a subtle charm and can really be appreciated if you take your time with it. One of the most easily drinkable coffees black. Wonderful coffees come from Chanchamayo, Pangoa, and Lamas.

"Restoring the Sacred" Reforestation Project (2006-ongoing)

  • Building nurseries and planting native trees to combat deforestation
  • 300,000 native trees planted
  • Enough trees planted to offset all carbon emissions created by all of Dean's Beans, making us a Carbon Negative company!
  • Obtained Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center Bird-Friendly certification
  • Funding commitment to date: $19,500

Women's Loan Fund (2009-ongoing)

  • Offers credit to female coop members for income generating projects
  • Funding commitment to date: $10,000

Latrine Program (2009-ongoing)

  • Funding modern bathroom construction on farms in Pangoa
  • Funding commitment to date: $7,000

English Teaching Program (2012-ongoing)

  • Program sends interns to teach English
  • Funding commitment to date: $1,000

GM Esperanza Castillo Support (2009-ongoing)

  • Sponsoring Coop General Manager travel to international events, in order to speak about supporting women in the coffee industry

Past Projects

New Honey Business (2004)

  • Worked with Pangoa to create a honey product for local sale and distribution to help supplement farmers' income
  • Funding commitment: $2,700

First Fair Trade Buyer in Pangoa (2003)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Chocolatey decaf

Great on it's own or mixed in with regular beans. Usually roasted to City+ or 415-420F.

Best decaf you can find.

Seriously good decaf. I like it best as a medium roast.

Great Canvas for Half-Caf

I use this for a medium roast with other varietals like Sumatran and Ethiopian for a really great half-caf. The Peruvian decaf has a neutral, balanced flavor that lets anything you pair with it really "pop'--without all the caffeine! I don't know that would be phenomenal outside of a blend, but it is my go-to for that purpose.

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