Timor Atsabe

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Cupping Notes: Chocolate. Full Bodied. Spicy.
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Whole Bean/Grind

[Roast Level] Medium

[Region] Atsabe, Timor

[Cooperative] Cooperativa Cafe Timor

[Partners Since] 2009

[Altitude] 1800m

[Varietal] Bourbon, Timor Hybrid

[Processing Method] Fully Washed

We’ve collaborated with this community to design and implement the following initiatives:

  • Computer and Computer Training for School Children
  • Atsabe Village Empowerment
  • Soccer Ball Project
  • Medicine for Rural Clinics

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Our coffee comes from Atsabe village in the mountainous Ermera district, southwest of the capital, Dili. The beans are spicy with slight acidity and chocolate tones. We pioneered Direct Fair Trade in East Timor, creating a relationship with Atsabe in 2009. This insures that our profit-sharing and development monies go directly to the farmers.

The independent coffee farmers of East Timor struggled for years against Indonesian rule, and won their freedom peacefully. During that time, we provided funds for democratic organizing by pro-independence groups. At the farmer�s request, we are now funding needed rural maternal health clinics in the coffee areas, staffed totally by Timorese, and supporting Atsabe�s schools and youth programs (computers and soccer!).