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Organic Peruvian Green Coffee (Unroasted)

Product image 1A bag of Peruvian green beans
Product image 2A hand holding a coffee cherry and two green coffee beans on a coffee leaf
Product image 3Peruvian Green Beans - 5 pound bag
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Cupping Notes: Smooth and sweet. Hints of tropical fruit.
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The World's First Carbon Neutral Coffee!

[Region] Amazonian Highlands, Peru

[Cooperative] PANGOA

[Partners Since] 2003

[Altitude] 1200-1800M

[Varietal] Caturra, Typica, Bourbon, Catimor

[Processing Method] Fully Washed

A sweet, gentle coffee that works really well as a light roast. I think too much flavor gets roasted away in the darker roasts.

We took a chance on Pangoa, a small coop on the Amazonian slopes of Central Peru back in 2003, being their first Fair Trade and Direct buyer. Since then, we have introduced this coffee to the specialty marketplace, and the sweet, soft beans prepared so well by indigenous Ashaninkas farmers have been in great demand in America and in Europe. We continue to enjoy the best of their crop in return for our long-term commitment.

Pangoa and Dean�s Beans have collaborated on the creation of many meaningful and successful initiatives together over the years. The coop has used our premiums, profit shares and development monies to create women�s loan funds, a great reforestation program, a honey project for income diversification, college education funds and more!