Kosher & Organic Coffees

To us, organic is more than just a popular commodity, it is a commitment to a philosophy about respect for the earth, the farmer, our co-workers and the consumer. Most people who roast organics also roast conventional coffees in the same machines, using the same equipment indiscriminately. We believe that the integrity of the organic process requires a greater commitment on our part.

We have gone the next step to be certified as an organic processor by Bay State Organic Certifiers, one of the leading international organic certifying agencies. Processor certification requires us to document and keep a complete audit trail from the farm to the customer, insuring that only certified organic ingredients are used, the beans are segregated from non-certified ingredients or equipment, and that sanitation and cleanliness are paramount. In this way we can guarantee to you that the growing, harvesting, processing, shipping, storage, roasting and packaging of every batch we produce maintains the integrity of the organic process.

Organic and kosher requires close inspection.

At the farm level, certified organic means that the farmer has participated in a three year training and monitoring program. This guarantees not only that the soil is free of pesticides and herbicides conventionally used on coffee (and largely banned for use in the USA!) but that the farmer is protecting the soil and water quality of his or her farm and the surrounding environment, and mulching and composting all organic waste from harvesting and processing. Believe me, I have seen the flinging of DDT on the coffee plants by hand by children on those other farms. You wouldn't want your kids exposed to that, so why buy coffee that supports such a system?

We are also a certified Kosher facility, supervised by the Massachusetts Kosher Commision.  Under the supervision of Rabbi Shlomo Yaffe the commission inspects our facility to insure that the level of cleanliness and sanitation are superlative, and that all ingredients, equipment and procedures used enhance the purity of our products. Most important to us, our kosher certification signifies our acknowledgment of the inherently communal nature of food preparation that exists apart from any religion or creed. As our farmers often remind us, to prepare and provide food is an act supportive and nurturing of life.

We are also a member of the Fair Trade Federation. Learn more about what trade justice and Fair Trade means to us here.

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