Promotora de Desarrollo Cooperativo

Esteli, Nicaragua

Dean working with farmers in Nicaragua

I am always heartened and humbled when I visit the farmers of Nicaragua. In a country so recently torn by war, the people are amazingly upbeat, compassionate and forgiving - a lesson for us all. Our Nicaraguan partner, Promotora de Desarrollo Cooperativo (Prodecoop) in Esteli consistently produces award-winning, high-altitude specialty coffee that we purchase directly. The coffees are known for their well-rounded tastes, mild acidity and cocoa undertones.

Our People-Centered Development work includes building the first café-roastery in Central America, prosthetics and jobs for landmine victims, and self-esteem building and income generation for women. We are also working on roya (rust bacteria) prevention programs at the community level to ensure income for the farmers and great coffee for us going forward.

Inspecting Prosthetic

Useful Expressions

'Que saboroso es su cafe' - What a taste your coffee has!

'En cuantos kilometros de estos caminos malos es la cooperativa?' - How many more miles on these lousy roads until we get to the Co-op?

Our Nicaraguan Coffees

Nicaragua has become a leading coffee producer in the Americas due to the great volcanic soils and the increased professionalism of the farmers. Nicaraguan coffees are bold yet smooth, relatively low acidity, consistent and well processed. Look for coffees from Esteli, Jinotego, Matagalpa, and Nueva Segovia. The coffees are known for their well-rounded tastes, mild acidity and cocoa undertones.

People-Centered Development Projects

COVID-19 Aid (2021)

  • Supported farming families with medicine, oxygen, hospital transportation and stays, and burials. 
  • Funding: $10,000

Hurricane Eta & Iota Relief (2020)

  • Strengthen diversified production and adaptive capacity of coffee and grain plots and grasslands in economically and climatically vulnerable locations.
  • Funding: $8,000

Forgotten Children Literacy Project (2016 - ongoing)

  • Mobile libraries and volunteers rotating to distant villages to engage children in literacy and reading programs
  • In 2020, expanding program to adult learners
  • Funding commitment to date: $9,000

Reading instruction through Literacy Program

Fruit Tree Reforestation and Income Generation (2017 - ongoing)

  • Creating fruit tree nurseries.
  • Project is both for reforestation and soil health, but also income generation from fruits harvested.
  • Funding commitment to date: $16,000

Neonatal Trainings (2015 - 2019)

  • Helped MANOS reduce infant mortality.
  • Provided training to nurses, midwives, and health workers on neo-natal survival techniques.
  • Funding: $4,500

Roya Education and Prevention (2014 - ongoing)

  • Education and support to stop the spread of Roya (coffee leaf rust).
  • Community outreach and trainings.
  • Funding commitment to date: $8,800
Ben Linder Café Roastery to Benefit Landmine Victims (2003 - 2013)
  • Central America's first cafe & roastery to generate income and dignity for landmine victims.
  • Funding: $12,000

HurricAid for Hurricane Mitch (2005)

  • Sponsored a concert to raise money for the victims of Hurricane Mitch.
  • Raised $9,000

Supporting Landless Protesters (2004)

  • Funded food and shelter for 15,000 unemployed coffee farmers during coffee pricing crisis.
  • Funds provided by Dean's Beans: $1,200

Partnership with Polus Center (2000)

  • Nonprofit dedicated to service and advocacy for disabled and disenfranchised populations.

Walking Unidos (2000)

  • Provided prosthetic limbs and therapy to landmine victims.
  • Funded by the Ben Linder café in Leon.Proud farmer with bananas, from Fruit Tree Restoration Project
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